Alchichica Lake

Alchichica Lake, Puebla

Alchichica is a crater lake located in the Ori­en­tal Basin at the bor­der of the states of Puebla, Tlax­cala and Ver­acruz. It is sit­u­ated at an alti­tude of 2,300 m above the sea level with a max­i­mum depth of 64 m (Escobar-​Briones et al. 1998). The lake is hypos­aline (8.510 g/​liter) and alka­line (pH 8.99.1) with sodium and chlo­ride being the dom­i­nant ions but also with bicar­bon­ate and car­bon­ate ions (Navarro et al, 2010). These con­di­tions are favor­able for active car­bon­ate depo­si­tion that results in the for­ma­tion of dis­tinc­tive stro­ma­to­lite struc­tures in the lit­toral region of the lake.
Despite their geo­log­i­cal and evo­lu­tion­ary impor­tance, the pre­cise stro­ma­to­lite for­ma­tion mech­a­nisms remain poorly under­stood and this site is one of a few in the world where the role of microor­gan­isms and envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions for stro­ma­to­lites for­ma­tion can be stud­ied (Couradeau et al., 2011). There­fore, this site is cru­cial to the under­stand­ing of the most ancient struc­tures formed by bio­log­i­cal activ­ity and rel­e­vant for Astro­bi­ol­ogy stud­ies. On the other hand, the Alchichica crater-​lake has been pro­posed for the study of bio­mark­ers for the search of life on Mars (Navarro et al., 2010).
The site has been stud­ied by Dr. Javier Alco­cer (Fac­ul­tad de Estu­dios Supe­ri­ores, Izta­cala, UNAM), Dr. Elva Esco­bar Briones (Insti­tuto de Cien­cias del Mar y Lim­nología, UNAM), Dr. Luisa Fal­cón (Insti­tuto de Ecología, UNAM), and more recently by the group led by Dr. Rafael Navarro-​González who col­lab­o­rates with Dr. Christo­pher McKay (NASA Ames Research Center).


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